Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Stabilizer Terms

Wet Laid Non Woven

Much like a high quality paper, fiber is dispersed in a solution. A screen rises and the solution dries (alluvial formation) yielding a multi directional and uniform nonwoven. These are made in different weights. The idea being to always use only ONE layer.

 Random Saturate

Also Called Chemical Bond - The same solution as with Carded Saturates - Only dispersed randomly. Note the uneven quality, holes in saturate (thick and thin spots)

 Carded Saturate

Also called chemical bond - the fibers are raked or combed (carded) in one direction (m.d.) The fibers are then impregnated with a binder. It stretches in one direction & tears in one direction. You will need 2 pieces cross wise to achieve proper tension for embroidery.

 Diagonal "no show" Nylon Mesh (aka Poly Mesh)

Nylon mesh stabilizer with a diagonal and embossing pattern.

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